What makes a great email?

This is a question we are often asked, as though some form of ‘great’ will by default lead to a conversion/action by the recipient.

So what is the secret what make a great email?

Well we’d have to say in our experience it is a collection of different actions that when rolled into one email make the recipient more likely to carry out the action you (as the business owner and sender) want them to.

1. Good data – this is critical to any business email marketing, if the data isn’t right then how can you expect it to convert – this other post on our website covers how to collect good data and this post of how you can improve the email signup forms on your website.

2. A reason to send the email – why are you sending the email, please not just because i wanted to, how does it fit into your overall plan – this post on how to get your emails opened covers this in some detail.

3.1  A great call to action – What do you want a person to do when they receive your email, after all we’re all busy and get lots and lots of emails in our inbox every day – this post on how to increase your email campaign open rates is well worth a read.

3.2 Great content – Every email needs great content, something the recipient want to read and this post on content ideas for your email marketing may just help you do that.

4. What do people do when they receive your email – do you know what they do, if not why not? This post on What People do when they receive a marketing email is worth a read.

So there you have it some tips as to what make a great email and how your business could benefit from well managed and well run email marketing.

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