Summer Email Marketing Strategies

As an email marketer, you may feel tempted to relax and not put in as much effort over the summer months. After all, much of your customer base is vacationing and spending more time with family during this season that goes all too quickly. However, you can’t afford to lose momentum with your email marketing campaigns during the summer or it will be too late to pick up again in the Autumn.

Make Sure Your Prospects See Your Emails

The very people you’re trying to reach through email may spend weeks away from work and their computer during the summer months. When they do get around to checking email, they aren’t necessarily going to sift through several pages of emails to see if they missed anything important. If you notice a lack of engagement the first time you send an email during the summer, try re-sending other emails from your campaign to those who didn’t respond in any way. It’s possible your customers and prospects were so busy they didn’t notice the emails the first time.

Go Mobile

More people read their email and browse online from a mobile device than a laptop or desktop computer. Since attention spans are already short in the summer, you need to ensure that your customer base can access their email from your company on the go. That means your email marketing campaigns must be compatible with mobile devices. If they’re not, your potential customer will likely seek business from a competitor since that company can give them what they need.

Set Your Email on Auto Pilot

You may spend more time away from work in the summer, but that doesn’t mean you need to give up on creating and managing an effective email campaign. Be sure to take advantage of automation tools that allow you to plan and send emails on a schedule that you determine.  This ensures that your customers continue to hear from you regularly.

If your business is one that sees less activity during the summer months, use this time to your advantage to plan for the busier quarters ahead. You will appreciate the effort when business picks up again and you have a more difficult time staying on top of email marketing.

So there you have it a clear and concise understanding of Summer Email Marketing Strategies with mailPDQ – we’re here to help all the way so why not get in touch for a no obligation conversation to see how we could help your business reach out to your customer or prospects – what have you got to loose?

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