Autumn Email Marketing Ideas

As we head into Summer with beach trips and the like just remember that its never to early to being planning your autumn email marketing campaigns. Traditional after all the summer trips and back to school for children consumers are known to rein things back in so its never too early to begin planning your autumn email marketing campaigns.

So what are those key issues when marketers should be considering.

1. To generate awareness

There may be a Charity your business can support; for example October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and many companies either sell products, generate awareness, or donate proceeds to breast cancer charities during the month of October. And the reason for doing this is due to the BIG increase in consumers who will buy from brand they see doing social good or for that matter environmental good.

2. What are the traditional dates on the run upto the festive season?


Of course, we can’t talk about autumn email marketing without mentioning Halloween and most people start shopping for this holiday just after the kids go back in September BUT on average most do this during the first 2 weeks of October.

So for your Halloween-themed emails, follow the crowd when during the month of October and around 40% are send in just the last five days of the month. As October 31st approaches one thing you can guarantee is that the Halloween emails will be everywhere.

Clocks going back

Its with us and here to stay seemingly, but we in the UK still change our clocks by 1 hour twice a year so why not have fun with your emails, want an hour less in bed maybe?


Yes we couldn’t write this kind of blog post without mentioning the word that people don’t like mentioned this early – Christmas….

Its on the same day every year and we still seem to need time to plan and organise all that we want for the big day, so as a company don’t plan to late this year, what are doing or offering and when can you start to push these promotions and offers out? Maybe you can even start poking fun at the fact that these are early BUT its limited stock initially pointed to our best customers! .

So what’s the conclusion? warm up your autumn email marketing

Although autumn tends to be a bit of a slower time of year for most marketers, there are still opportunities to engage your email audience. Take advantage of the many holidays, charity opportunities to drive engagement from your list.

If you need help creating snazzy new templates for your fall email marketing campaigns or you’d like someone to help you with strategy, our team of experts is here for you. Just reach out!

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