Sentences you shouldn’t include in an email campaign

When we’re called into businesses to review previous business email marketing campaigns we often see one’s that just fail and the business owners can’t see why.  They can’t understand that a recipient isn’t going to spend the whole day reading and replying to all the emails they’ve received, they have more important things to do. So how do you make them act on any email campaign that you send?

The simple answer? Keep it short, simple and professional and to the point – what do you want the user to do and please don’t use any of those overused senates – some examples of which are below…

  • I’m emailing to – just get to the point
  • Its not urgent – so why are you sending this campaign then?
  • Lets arrange a date – so how do I get back to you now?
  • I’ll keep it short – but is it short, even if its a long email never admit it, your target audience will be time hungry.
  • You don’t know me – so why are you sending an unsolicited email and if I really don’t know you then don’t tell just get to the point.
  • Lets connect – why, give me one good reason, have you got one?
  • You didn’t read my last email – how do you know i didn’t and if i didn’t maybe I had a real good reason that i dont want too share

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