What do people do when they receive a marketing email?

The question always asked is ‘did they open the email, who clicked and how many?’

Its good when anyone goes beyond the click and looks to measure those conversions and even follow up on the click throughs but this ready availability of statistics do not capture all the important responses to a marketing email newsletter. So what are the actions a recipient of any marketing email newsletter may do, they may?

  • Go social – check out the company’s social presence
  • Call the company direct – simply pick up the phone and talk to someone
  • Go to a retail outlet – use the email as a nudge to actually go instore
  • Save for a later date – very popular one, ‘filed for later use’
  • Click through from the email – the one we all love to measure and act upon.

These come into two areas, delayed action (such as the save for a later date) and indirect action (such as actually walking in the shop) – both of which can be ignored by a business, and this means you miss out on two BIG things,

1. Missed opportunity to optimise for other responses no matter which channel they come

2. You may underestimate the true impact of your email

So how do you get a better understanding of the real impacts of your email marketing across your business?

You may want to consider the following;

  • Compare the sales patterns across all your channels against your email send dates to see if you have are matching spikes.
  • Compare online traffic patterns (search traffic, pageviews) with your email send dates to see if you have matching spikes.

Now the sales message, if you need help in getting your email marketing viewing rates and click through rates higher with more email engagement then come and speak to the team that knows its view from its clicks, you can contact us through the website here.


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