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What Makes an Effective Email Marketing Campaign?

An email is often the primary mode of contact for engaging new business. A recent study out of the UK that analyzed email marketing campaigns for small to medium enterprises (SME) found an average open rate of 24.88% with a click-through rate of 4.06%. That’s pretty good. The question, however, is how do you get […]

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Summer Email Marketing Strategies

As an email marketer, you may feel tempted to relax and not put in as much effort over the summer months. After all, much of your customer base is vacationing and spending more time with family during this season that goes all too quickly. However, you can’t afford to lose momentum with your email marketing […]

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Email Marketing customer journey

We are often asked about the customer journey, a business asks “what happens if we give you our data, what do you then do” So lets use this post to explain the customer journey from a recent email campaign we ran for a new client. Firstly this client came to us as a result of […]

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5 Golden Steps to create a Sales Email Newsletter

Writing any kind of email newsletter can seem a hard task, writing one that converts can seem even harder making sure that its gets conversions, so these are our five golden steps to create a winning sales email newsletter. There are 5 Golden Steps to creating a Sales Email Newsletter: Subject Line – this is […]

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A/B Testing for modern email marketing

When a business has its email marketing strategy sorted the best way to see how each part of the strategy performs is to utilize A/B split testing and as you would expect mailPDQ allows you to do just that. This split testing allows you to test a multitude of differing variables, you’ll want to test things […]

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