How to get your emails opened and read

So you build a great email, send it to the right audience yet they haven’t opened it, why you may ask, well we think this can be split into three reasons why…

  1. It hasn’t been seen yet, maybe the recipient is just busy
  2. It has been ignored
  3. Its been seen and deleted without even being opened

Why do you think that is, maybe your email isn’t good enough for your audience and this comes back to the quality of your subject line, in our experience 90% of the time a poor subject line means your email will fail to be opened – a subject line needs to be fabulous and attention grabbing, so how you make an amazing subject line – these are our top tips.

Words to avoid

We still see it now, words like free, sale etc are associated with SPAM, and as such will trigger spam filters so your email may not even get past these and into the prospects email inbox – so avoid these spammy words at all costs.

Do not use CAPITALS in the subject line

BY USING CAPITALS IT LOOKS LIKE YOU ARE SHOUTING – do want an email that is shouted at you, no i dint think so, so don’t you use it in your business email marketing.

Don’t create a really really long, infact too long subject line

As the number of emails that are read on a mobile device now goes over 60% you need to be aware of how many characters can be read on mobile, do you know??? It’s between 25 and 30 characters – so you need to keep your subject line ideally to a 30 character maximum  Its not much so keep it too the point and if you must us a long subject line make sure the bit thats really interesting is at the start.

Use personalization

Recent research shows that emails that add personalisation into the subject line tend to get higher open and click through rates than those that don’t use this feature.  Why you might ask, well in our opinion it shows that you’ve taken the time to address the user as apposed to the one e-newletter for everyone fit that seems to clog our email boxes.

Who is the sender

We would always recommend using an actual email address to send from, don’t use the donotreply@ or the like, what does that say about your business, ‘ we will send you this that we want you to click on – but don’t reply back to us’? Not good is it …. So try an use an actual email address from an actual sender – make it real not a can’t be bothered automation!

Proof your email really well

When you’ve followed all these tips make sure you proof read the subject line so you’re happy with it, it makes sense and that way you can avoid any unnecessary errors.

So there you have it our top tips for an amazing subject line that will ensure your email get opened and read which is what we all want isn’t it?

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