Content ideas for email marketing and your next campaign

The old adage content is king has never altered but often we are faced with customers asking us ‘what can we write about, i don’t know what to say’.  This update all about content ideas for email marketing and may help answer that question….

There are so many opportunities to build and engage your audience with content that is not directly related to your business or what you do.  So with this in mind why not run with something that is fun or educational?  In our experience great content will often work better that pushing out promotions and email campaigns that are all about the business all the time will find the way to the prospects delete box very quickly.

Here are some of our ideas for great content:

  • A list of what you do well or have done, for example your top ten location your delivery drivers visit
  • A survey or poll – ask your audience what is good/bad about what your business offers.
  • Why not add a quote, these could be related to a popular staff member for instance or even motivational to show what drive you.
  • Including a recent study on what you offer or survey that are related to your business will endorse you but not in a  direct ‘me too’ way.
  • Some people love statistics so why not back that up if your audience loves them.
  • The use of infographics is so popular these days, we are often creating them for customers to use in email campaigns.
  • Pretty much every content you sent should include updates about what is happening on your social channels – do yours?
  • A very good solution is also to include a guest blog post you’ve written for another company or charity even.
  • Finally a summary of your most popular news updates or even services that your business offers for last month or quarter.

Communication with your customers is key as it will help you build better relationships and encourage brand loyalty. By sending regular communications and keeping your customers in the know they will feel better connected to your business.

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