Five great ways to make email marketing work better for your business

Five great ways to make email marketing work alot better for your business, these are fairly simple but we know from experience if you follow these great tips you won’t go far wrong.

Great data – this has to be one of the key factors in any email marketing campaign, how is this data segmented i.e. prospects, customers etc after all why send to people that just arent interested?

Hit the right audience – if your data is segmented into categories like customers, prospects, show leads, interested in offers etc you know what they are actually interested in and where you got their data from, this way you are more likely to ensure that you keep this audience not just engaged but more likely to spread the word.

Wording of the email – so what is the call to action of your email, maybe you have more than one ? if they arent clear and easy to get to they are less likely to be effective.

Email design – In all business communication you send out the brand of your business does not change, so ensure that you mirror this in any email design this way a subscriber can easily see who it is from and recognise you.

Subject line, is it any good?– This is one of the key parts of any email – no matter how great it is if everyone if put off by the subject line it is time wasted.

So here you have it our five great ways to make email marketing work better for your business and of course we can help your email marketing be a real success, just get in touch now through our website for a no obligation chat or call Alistair on 07716 888950.

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