Simple Marketing Automation for your business

We have been working with growing businesses for many years and we’ve followed trends, seen stuff grow, seen the next big thing and helped all our customers get on board so we now can deliver powerful technology that is cost-effective and easy to use.  We know that simple marketing automation is helping so many businesses grow but can simple marketing automation help your business?.

Lets start at the beginning with the fact that marketing automation has amassed over 60% adoption in the Fortune 1000 and those companies are seeing amazing ROI and benefits to their business. These aren’t clients who we work with, we work with aspirational businesses who want to grow and this unfortunately is where adoption declines dramatically but it doesn’t need to, simple marketing automation isn’t expensive to setup and use can we believe can add real benefit to your business.

So what is marketing automation?  We call it Simple Marketing Automation because it is just about combining the data you already have about your prospects and customers and then creating numerous personalized journeys with your own branded content. We believe that Simple Marketing Automation is the future and it can and will work for your business.

Within mailPDQ we can help you create those touch points that trigger the automated campaign, this could be from new data you’ve yet to collect or even data you already use.  This automation means we can open a whole new way that your business can engage with customers and create a journey.  For example maybe a new prospect downloads your brochure from your website, we can then schedule any number of follow up branded emails that ask if they saw anything they liked, even if they wanted someone to call them and within all these emails you have the touch points that if the user carries out an action then a task or action point for someone in your business is created.

So whether you just like the idea of a simple welcome series of emails or thing of something far more sophisticated like a lead nurture journey or customer re-engagement series we can help guide you and your business down this route to handle pretty much whatever your business want to see.

If you’d like to find out more or would like a free trial then please get in touch through our website here and you can download our free brochure from our website here.

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