How to re engage your email campaign non openers

As a business, you depend on emails as a big part of your advertising campaign to engage consumers. However, you may have experienced more non openers from your recent email marketing efforts than you’d like. There are many reasons why people don’t open their emails. The worst is that they simply don’t want what you’re selling and view it as spam. They hit the delete button without a second thought. But another reason is that the initial email caught them at a busy time and they didn’t have time to open it. Perhaps they forgot about it. Resending that email in the hopes they will bite the second time is risky but it often works. How can you re-engage with those non openers for more success the second time around?

Pick and Choose Your Battles

First off, you should only resend the most important emails. You don’t want to risk annoying the recipient with a mundane or not-so-critical email so that they unsubscribe. Choose your resent emails carefully, such as your greatest deals and sales of the season.

Craft the Subject Line Again

In addition to having the same email, you don’t want to have the same tired subject line again. Capturing the attention of a recipient could be as simple as tweaking your subject line to include more actionable words, such as “last chance” or “reminder” to instill a sense of urgency, says the The Email Guide.

Weigh the Pros and Cons

There are many analytical tools available to you these days as a business owner, so you should use them to your advantage. Measuring the impact of your non opener resends is critical to see just where that line of balance is. The whole point is to get people to open your emails and drive more traffic to your site, but if your email resending campaign is coinciding with a lot of unsubscribes, it’s simply not worth it.

Time it Right

Before you resend, make sure your recipients have had enough time to look at the original one and respond if needed. Your analytical tools should tell you how long it was between the email being sent and when people opened it. For resends, respect this time frame and don’t send another within that period. This is typically three days. Perhaps you could adjust the time of day in which you send your next email. Think about the audience you’re trying to reach and where they are located. Experiment with timing, and if an 8 a.m. email is not getting the results you want, try it at 1 p.m. when people are more relaxed and have had lunch.

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Take the time to re-engage your email campaign non openers and you will be met with greater success!

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