Your 2016 Email Marketing Strategy

Whether you are choosing to give up smoking, go to the gym or spend more time with loved ones, many people will come up with a few New Year’s resolutions for their personal lives. But, how many businesses make resolutions too? No where near as many, I’m sure you would agree.

However, New Year is the ideal time to think about your business, plan for the year ahead, reevaluate and set some goals.

In this post, we wanted to share a few New Year’s resolutions that will help improve and your 2016 email marketing strategy and ensure your email marketing campaigns go off with a bang in 2016.

Start To Segment
If you are guilty of sending everyone in your list the same email, it is time to stop. Email marketing is becoming far more personalised and targeted and in order to keep your business on top, your business needs to adapt.

If you have previously been sending emails to just one list, you can make some very small changes initially. Organise that list into two or three segments, these can be based on a number of things like age or gender. Once you send out emails to your various segments try to vary the content you are sending out, or you can even start with just varying the subject line, in order to better suit your recipients.

For those businesses that already have segments in place, try to send email campaigns that push particular products or services to a particular segment. For example, if one of your segmented groups have all purchased a particular product over the last twelve months. Why not send them an email telling them all about a product that works with that particular product well.

Test Each Campaign
It is a well known fact that testing your strategy and results is the only way to improve, and when it comes to email marketing this statement has never been more correct.

The tests can be as simple as sending the campaign at two different times of the day or testing different subject lines on your recipients.

But, it is also important to only test one thing at a time. If you do see a surge in open rates, you want to be sure you can pin it on one thing.

Many email marketing service providers offer a range of testing capabilities, so full explore what they can offer and have available.

Mobile Phones and Tablets
If you have spent time crafting an email campaign, be sure to test it on every type of device. Your newsletter will look different on a desktop, mobile and tablet so check how the appearance will vary.

In fact, the way emails are viewed on different email accounts is different. We understand you can’t test every single email account provider but, you must check it on the three main types of application (laptop, phone and email). You can then also send the email to a few colleagues, friends or family members to double check that the email is functional, readable and that looks good.

If you find that the email is a bit all over the place, you then need to consult with the designer and create a mobile responsive template. You need something that adjusts its size to suit the different devices.

So there you have it, your strategy for 2016, if you would like more information then please download our brochure (free) and for a free no obligation trial contact us through the website here. And please read our other relevant posts that will help your business email marketing listed below…

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