A/B Testing for modern email marketing

When a business has its email marketing strategy sorted the best way to see how each part of the strategy performs is to utilize A/B split testing and as you would expect mailPDQ allows you to do just that.

This split testing allows you to test a multitude of differing variables, you’ll want to test things like differing keywords, various landing page designs, different target audiences, etc., A/B testing will make it easy to see what’s working and what isn’t because it allows you to serve one version of your website to half of your visitors, and another version to the other half, thus helping you determine which is more effective (just make sure not to change too much!). With our fully functioning reporting system you’ll be able to determine which works best and most important of all some solid numbers to back up your work.

This may be a quick tip but used effectively it can help hone your email marketing to ensure it works for the right audience and will help your business benefit from a well managed and well run email marketing.

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