Our top 5 deals or offers to send in your next Email Marketing Campaign

So a question we are often asked is how do you get anyone to click on a link in one of your email campaigns? well here are our top 5 deals or offers to send in your next Email Marketing Campaign.

1) Can you limit supply?

If you can create an email promotion that creates a real sense of need and then adds a degree of urgency on top you could be onto a winner, what is a great way to achieve this? simple only x are left or ‘supply is running out’.  Any email promotion that want someone to ‘buy’ as a result needs to create a really strong reason, so why not create a sense of urgency by making the product seem limited and a great way to do this is things like countdowns or stock updates showing just what is left.

2) Can you give something away?

Sometimes you have occasions when you can give something away in the knowledge that the ‘free’ transaction will subsequently result in a purchase at a later date, for example if you run a garage can you offer a free winter check so that this can be followed up with paid work as a result.  Nothing fosters great customer care better if the customer feels you are going out of your way to help them….

3) Can you offer a referral bonus?

Offering a referral bonus is a great incentive for your existing customers to share the love for your business with their contacts and then take it a stage further by offering any customer that does share some kind of deal on their next purchase.  You could even reward them both by offering them a deal of some sort.

4) Can you create a partner network?

We all have trusted advisors that turn to us for advice on stuff we may be able to help with, so why not turn this around and ask our trusted advisers to send out something to their network – if its relevant and helpful to both of you surely this is a win win? so why not foster and encourage your partner network they can help you more that you probably realise.

5) Most of all BE RELEVANT

At the time of writing this post we are 4 weeks away from Christmas, so if you are sending an email in the next few weeks them ensure they have a Christmas look and feel.  Other times why not watch the news and make sure your campaign is relevant, maybe you could capture some topic that is live, a best selling book, the Oscars, Jubilee… Nothing says a update more than communication that mirrors the here and now!

What other creative deals can you think of to send in your email marketing campaigns?


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