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We are often asked about the customer journey, a business asks “what happens if we give you our data, what do you then do” So lets use this post to explain the customer journey from a recent email campaign we ran for a new client.

Firstly this client came to us as a result of a recommendation from another of our mailPDQ customers and so was aware that we offer a fully functional email marketing system and wanted to push a voucher offer to customers who had bought previously, they wanted a nicely defined email that can be sent to the database integrated with individual clicks and with full stats following on from the send so the business can see who has clicked on what and when.  The stages we go through are as below.

  1. Collate all the customer data, sort it into the relevant columns for personalisation and remove duplicates and any dud email addresses.
  2. Collate the customer aims for the email and the design requirements for the email so we can build something on spec and exceed the customer expectations.
  3. Design the email and forward to client for sign off, in this case the feedback we received was…

This is very good, it’s good to go

We then spam test to ensure it has the maximum chance of success making and changes as necessary then schedule the email to actually be sent to the customer database……

Finally after an agreed time period a report is compiled for the client so they can see the results of the email campaign, OR we can give them access to the mailPDQ portal and they can check on the results themselves – either way the results are freely available…

So there you have it a clear and concise customer journey for sending a one off email marketing campaign with mailPDQ – we’re here to help all the way so why not get in touch for a no obligation conversation to see how we could help your business reach out to your customer or prospects – what have you got to loose?

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