What data every business should collect for the best email marketing campaigns

Email marketing campaigns are generally most effective when targeted recipients have opted-in, i.e. agreed to receive the emails. Because recipients actually want to receive the emails, it entirely eliminates the chief drawback of such campaigns – the possibility of being filtered out at receipt time or rejected outright.

One of the most useful and powerful tools that can be used for email marketing campaigns is database segmentation, which is another term for niche identification of your target audience. By segmenting a customer database, the most relevant targets can be identified, and these will probably be the most likely to purchase products or services being offered. So what is the data every business should collect for email marketing to be successful?

The trick to this database segmentation is in finding out which pieces of data are the most useful in identifying potential customers. Regardless of which data segments are selected, the best strategy is probably to start out soliciting only a few important pieces of data, rather than being too detailed all at once, and dismaying potential respondents. With that caution in mind, here are some of the more useful bits of data which might be used to improve subsequent email marketing campaigns.

Email data collection

Some of the most basic but still helpful data points center around the recipient’s interest in the product. This is about as direct as any query could possibly be, and the beauty of it lies in its simplicity. Data on a recipient’s purchase history can be just as valuable, because it may indicate future purchasing habits. To give geographic relevance to the information, the target’s location is also extremely valuable to know you may want to read how to find value in the data you already have.

Following the most basic data segments described above, some additional refinements can lend even greater relevance to identification of potential customers. For instance, it might be very useful to know about online vs. offline purchases, average order quantity of purchases, and the frequency of purchases, all of which can provide insights into customer buying habits and future tendencies.

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