5 Golden Steps to create a Sales Email Newsletter

Writing any kind of email newsletter can seem a hard task, writing one that converts can seem even harder making sure that its gets conversions, so these are our five golden steps to create a winning sales email newsletter.

There are 5 Golden Steps to creating a Sales Email Newsletter:

Subject Line – this is the first thing anyone will see, so make it short, to the point and intriguing enough that the reader will want to go further and read your email.

Opening Line – often overlooked but very important, if the reader has a viewing pane for their email as they’ll be able to read those first few lines of your email so why not start the conversation right away, get to the point and write to them not a general catch all.  mailPDQ allows you to personalise any part of the email, so don’t start with Hi <firstname> introduce their in the actual copy so it look like you’re talking direct to them.

Body Copy – here you’re wanting to articulate the reason for sending the email in the first place and what they as the recipient will get out of reading your email, maybe you want them to click on a product link to your website or download a pdf on your site?  Whatever it is you need to articulate this is a clear and concise fashion ensure the calls to action of what you want the recipient to act on are clear and easy to find/use – also the key calls to action can also be repeated a couple of times in this body copy, maybe once in the text with a hyper link and then again with a button.

Closing Copy – This is where you need to repeat your call to action and briefly summarise what you want to the recipient to do and maybe even a thank you – manners never go amiss!

Sign off – keep it simple is the best advice, they already have your email address so why not use a phone number and link to a company social media profile (just make sure its an active one!).

So there you have it, our 5 Golden Steps to a winning Sales Email Newsletter, and now our sales pitch if we can help your business improves its email marketing then please don’t hesitate to get in touch through the website here or call us on 01392 251653, we’d be delighted to use our experience to help your business grow.

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